Monday, December 4, 2006

Wish you were here at Christmas

I like the design of this postcard and the message which mentions "this postcard." It was published by Everett Exclusive Studios and was mailed in 1912.

I searched for information about this publisher but could not find anything other than its inclusion in a list of early card publishers at Greeting Cards in America, 1900-1939. That site is looking for information on early greeting card publishers for a book project, but does not currently have any information or examples posted. I will be interested in reading the book if it is ever finished. I am always surprised at how little information is available on early postcard publishers.

There is a card with a similar design by Everett Exclusive Studios currently available as an e-card at the Minnesota Historical Society site. (Elsewhere on that site they mention that their selection of images changes so this may not be there at a later date.)

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