Monday, April 23, 2007

Embroidered WWI Patriotic Postcard, April 1917

Patriotic embroidered postcards, made in France, were popular souvenirs made for soldiers during WWI. This one is unusual in that has the month "April" as well as the year "1917." It features an American flag. Embroidered American flags seem to be much less common than British and French flags.

This embroidery on this postcard is quite faded, making it less valuable than a brightly colored card. It still is very clean and collectible, however. The embroidery is on cloth inserted between an embossed paper frame and a paper backing. The embossing on the frame consists of horseshoes in the corners and four-leaf clovers on the sides--two good luck symbols. On the back is printed "Fabrication Francaise."

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  1. That's a nice postcard. 1917 was the year that American Expeditionary Force (AEF) entered the War.

    For books about these Embroidered postcards (I'm not associated with either author) try

    An Illustrated History of the Embroidered Silk Postcard by Dr Ian Collins, ISBN: 0954023501

    Concise Catalogue of Embroidered Silk Postcards by John Westland, ISBN: 0951836218

  2. I love your blog. Do you do much buying of postcards?

  3. I don't buy many postcards now. Most of the ones I have bought recently are ones related to my websites about postcards.

  4. I'm in the US. My grandfather embroidered a Hankerchief for my grandmother. Its silk with lace and has the French & American flags.
    The threads have run a little.

    Do you know of other "hankies?"

  5. I have been collecting these postcatrds for some time, but have no idea how to store them and keep them from further deterioation like fading and toning marks.
    Please could you help me.
    Many Thanks

  6. The main thing in storing postcards is to use archival materials.

    Check out the ideas posted on the Vintage Postcard Forum at


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