Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rimrock City Sign

Information on the back of this Rimrock City, Texas postcard:

The huge frontiersman towers three stories in the air at the entrance of the parking area of Rimrock City. He is pointing the way to a memorable return to the Old West, where there is fun for the whole family. Highway 80, between Odessa and Midland, Texas.

Rimrock City also issued some other postcards of their attractions including the Red Garter Saloon, Gambling Casino , Main Street, and Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

There has been some recent (August 2007) reminiscing on the lubbockonline forums, topic URL. Other features mentioned include a miniature golf course, an archery range, a small zoo, and a narrow gage railroad. An accident with a "shootout" may have led to Rimrock City's demise. There may still be some old western style buildings at the site.


  1. I'd forgotten about that sign-but it certainly looks familiar. Rim Rock City was down in what i suppose was a huge caliche pit off HWY 80. Whenever I've driven that stretch in the last few years, i've looked for any remains of the place, but since I'm not exactly sure of its location, i haven't had any luck. I suppose i last visited it around 1963.

  2. there are no remnants of it. Even the caliche pit has been filled and there are oilfield business all over the area where it used to be.

  3. There are no remnants of Rim Rock City. You are correct that it was in an old caliche pit, but even that is gone, filled in. And the entire area where it and Wilber's Discount City used to be is now misc. oilfield related service business and equipment yards.


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