Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Children's Zoo and Farm - Brookfield, Illinois

This is the 75th anniversary of the Chicago Zoological Park which is actually located in Brookfield, a western suburb of Chicago, and is known as Brookfield Zoo. This zoo was opened in 1934. The Children's Zoo was added in 1953.

This postcard brings back memories for me. I remember going to this Children's Zoo when it was new and I was about the age of the children on the card. When I was older, I spent several summers working in the refreshment stands at Brookfield Zoo.

The following description is on the back of the postcard:

Children's Zoo and Farm— Here children (and adults) may mingle with many species of wild and domestic young or baby animals. A typical, small-scale Illinois farm with barn, silo, windmill and pens is to be seen, showing calves, colts, lambs, pigs, chicks and ducklings. At feeding time children are invited to bottle-feed some of the baby animals.

Addendum 2012: LIFE magazine had an article about the new Children's Zoo in the August 31, 1953 issue: Zoo's Babies Get Overdose of Love.

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  1. Elephants, ever since I was a child I have respected Elephants. I was not quite a teen. Our school went on a trip to the Duluth Zoo in Minnesota. There was this big old Elephant. Name forgotten we are talking 50 years ago. Elephant takes a big drink of water and for some reason squirts it directly on me. I was surprised but laughed so hard and have never forgetten. Thanks for the memory

  2. This brings back memories of zoo visits at about that age for me too!

  3. Memories for me, too -- I'm the little girl on the left.



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