Thursday, October 15, 2009

PFF - Red Sea Fishes on Israel Stamps

Postage stamps of eight species of Red Sea Fishes were issued by Israel in 1962-1963. This postcard is undated and was published by "Palphot" Herzlia. The eight species of colorful fish shown on this postcard are (clockwise from top left):
  • pterois volitans - lion fish
  • chaetodon lunula - butterfly fish
  • heniochus acuminatus - pennant corn fish
  • balistapus undulatus - undulate triggerfish
  • pterois radiata - long-horned lion fish
  • holocanthus imperator - angel fish
  • pomacanthus imperator - emperor angel fish
  • priacanthus hamrur - crescent-tailed bigeye
Palphot was established in 1934 and is the leading Israeli publisher of pictorial books, cards, and calendars. The book Israeli and Palestinian postcards: Presentations of National Self, by Tim Jon Semmerling, discusses Palphot and some of their postcards.


  1. I love the card and the example of the stamps ... two for the price of one! So colorful.

  2. postcardy, I just love this postcard! The stamps are creative and beautifully designed! :)

  3. Wow, a postcard of stamps! That's a great find!

  4. Such pretty stamps. It does make one want to get all the stamps in the series.

  5. Oh, my dear--these are just wonderful. I especially love the stamps.

    Happy PFF!

  6. The spiny looking fishes are pretty scary. I wouldn't want to swim into one of those.

  7. Those are stunning stamps! I have never collected stamps, but I do love to see attractive ones on cards, and even more, I love stamp cards. I've only recently become aware of them.

  8. What purty fish! I am quite taken with the corn pennant!

  9. Hi!
    Beautiful card!! I used to have a set of dishes like those. WoW, I didn't know any of them were still around. Have a great day!



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