Monday, November 30, 2009

White Mountain White

This postcard is a winter view of the top of Mt. Washington, New England's highest peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. From left to right are Mt. Washington Observatory, Famous Old Stone, and Tip Top House. The Cog Railway trestle is in the foreground. Everything is covered with rime, a kind of ice that forms when water droplets freeze on a cold surface.

Mt. Washington has been a popular tourist destination since the 1850s and is famous for its severe weather. Mt. Washington State Park is at the summit and is surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest.

This postcard was sent by my father. It is postmarked Mount Washington, N. H., Aug 29, 1963. My father wrote about the weather. He started out saying the weather had been ideal and ended by saying the worst seemed to be over.

Mount Washington holds the world record for wind speed, 231 MPH, which was recorded in 1934. The Mt. Washington Observatory website gives the current summit conditions. That website also has a photo journal. The Mt. Washington Blog at also has many current and recent photos. The blog entry for August 31, 2009 is about some of the first glaze ice of the season and notes that it is not unusual to have freezing temperatures at that time of the year.

This post was written for
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6th Edition, December 2009: White


  1. Thank you for introducing me to festival of postcards :D Have a great day.

  2. O.K., I think this takes the cake; it is really the ultimate white. Makes me glad to be warm and indoors.

  3. Hello Lynne,
    Well - you obviously found out about the publication before I got here. Nice to see that people have already begun visiting.
    Here is the link to the White issue:
    Thank you again for your moral support and advice. It is very appreciated!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  4. Wow! Totally incredible. It doesn't look real! Thanks for posting this one. :)


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