Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ohio Map & Sesquicentennial Stamp

When I first saw this postcard, I just saw the cancellation on the front and didn't notice the stamp which blends in with the pictures on the card. Then I realized that this is a maximum card. The postcard is one of a series of linen map postcards published by Kropp. The stamp commemorates the state of Ohio's sesquicentennial in 1953, and there is a first day of issue cancellation.

The following description is from the Arago website:
The Department issued this 3-cent Ohio Statehood commemorative stamp through the Chillicothe, Ohio, post office on March 2, 1953. The stamp's central design is an outline of the state of Ohio, which provides a flat-toned background for Ohio's Great Seal. Defining each side of the stamp are two dark, vertical panels, enclosing a row of eight stars in each panel, representing the sixteen states prior to the admission of Ohio into the Union. The seventeenth star, representing Ohio, appears in the top center, directly over the top border of the state. A buckeye leaf is shown in the lower left corner.
The postcard has nine numbered views of places in Ohio:
  1. Municipal Stadium, Cleveland
  2. State Capital at Columbus
  3. Sunset on Lake Erie
  4. Picturesque Ohio River at Cincinnati
  5. One of the many fine beaches on Lake Erie
  6. Sheet and Tube Mills at Youngstown
  7. Soldiers' Home at Dayton
  8. Coal and Ore Boats at Toledo
  9. Sailboats on Sandusky Bay

I am participating in Sunday Stamps at Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. This is a fine postcard on which you might miss the stamp. I'm glad you explained the idea behind the design - it brings history alive.

  2. You knew I would have to stop by and leave a comment with such an interesting postcard of Ohio! Great find and even better analysis.

  3. They carefully hid the coal and ore boats, but it was a perfect fit.

  4. Never come across the word sesquicentennial before, happily they had the dates on the stamp, now I know. Nice explanation of the stamp.

  5. Lovely postcard and stamp, at first look I missed that the stamp was on the front of the card too. Thanks for the explanation.

  6. Go Ohio! O-H, I-O!
    I don't think Youngstown is as dark and polluted anymore. this is definitely pre- Clean Air Act.
    Thanks for participating.

  7. Neat card. That stamp was applied very strategically, wasn't it?!


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