Saturday, December 8, 2012

History of USSR Mail on Stamps

Above is the folder for a set of maximum cards with stamps and images relating to the history of USSR domestic mail "today" (today meaning 1977 when the stamps were issued). The set has five stamps and subjects, but I only have four of them.

The four subjects I have are:
  • Index used to accelerate the delivery of the mail
  • Collection of mail
  • Automatic sorting of mail
  • Transport of mail

The cancellation used on the cards translates as "Communications Workers Union Competition."

The fifth stamp in the set (which I don't have) is about mail delivery.


This is a post for Sunday Stamps at Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. I really like these maxi cards and stamps. Great designs and very interesting topic.

  2. Stunning maxi cards so well thought out and such detail, complete with the stamp it is a harmonious design. Great set.

  3. The maxi cards are great, what an interesting series.

  4. Super set of cards and stamps. Surprise to see the Concorde featured.

  5. Bob, the plane is actually the Russian version of a supersonic jet.
    postcards, a great set of wonderful stamps!!!! Thank you for joining in every week.

  6. a great set, very interesting, thanks for sharing :)

  7. I love the detail in these. My series was just the stamps in a folder with a note of thanks from the Postmaster General

  8. what a great set to have! Hope one day you add the missing card too!
    btw, ive always been sort of fascinated by those automatic mail sorters...i mean how can they 'read' all those handwritings so properly...

  9. Very interesting set. I wonder how "accelerated" the mail was in those days because these days there doesn't seem to be too much acceleration.


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