Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Can Pile

This picture of The Can Pile in Casselton, North Dakota is printed on the 1-cent Jefferson postal card of 1914-1951. The cars appear to be late 1940s and earlier. At that time the size of the pile was listed as 20 ft. diameter and 50 ft. high. The Can Pile was a tourist attraction created next to a Sinclair gas station in 1933 by Max Taubert. It looks like one could fill up on beer as well as gas there.

For a recent history of The Can Pile, see the post on the Eccentric Roadside blog, No can do: The late, great world's tallest used oil can stack of Casselton, North Dakota.


  1. I love the oil can pile. Cool that it is on a penny post card too. Something different. Unusual. Sad that it is gone. Why would you not want a Giant pile of oil cans on your property.

  2. May be moved to Minnesota. Wait a minute. postcardy are you not from Minnesota? Did you claim it for future generations?


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