Saturday, July 27, 2013

Forest Conservation Stamp

The 4-cent Forest Conservation stamp was issued on October 27, 1958, in Tucson, Arizona, at the Annual Meeting of the American Forestry Association. The stamp features the major aspects of forest conservation, including new growth of young trees and harvesting of mature timber under scientific forest management; home and shelter for wildlife and birds; and protected watersheds. There is a first day of issue Smokey Bear cancellation on this maximum card.

The Forest Conservation stamp was designed by Rudolph Wendelin, who was a United States Forest Service employee and the best-known artist behind Smokey Bear. Smokey Bear is the mascot of the United States Forest Service created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires. Wendelin also designed several other U. S. stamps: a Range Conservation stamp in 1961, a stamp honoring John Muir in 1964, a stamp honoring John Wesley Powell in 1969, and a Smokey Bear stamp in 1984.

The subject of the postcard used for this maximum card is "Tucson to Mt. Lemmon." This scene in the Santa Catalina Mountains shows a portion of the highway from windy point, 30 miles from the Desert to the tall pines at an elevation of 8000 feet.

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  1. great to see some older stamps - would love to trade right now for that view spot on the postcard :)

  2. I was so busy admiring the view I nearly forgot to look at the stamp. Conservation - needed more now than ever.

  3. Thanks for showing the detail of the stamp - lots more there than I could see in the top scan.
    thank you for joining us.

  4. The stamp and pc go together very well. Is it still possible to send postcards with stamps on the front?

  5. I like how both the deer and hiker seem to be admiring the view!
    The detail in the stamp is almost lost in the small size.

  6. That's a magnificent view but it's nice to zoom in on the stamp detail which compliments the conservation theme very well.

  7. We need more stamps like this, and I would love to see Smokey Bear on it too. :)

    Willa @ Postage Journal


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