Friday, April 25, 2014

Grow Your Own California Redwood

Today is National Arbor Day in the United States. National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, but many states observe Arbor Day on different dates according to their best tree-planting times. Other countries that celebrate Arbor Day also do so on different dates.

The American Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in 1872. (Read about its history here). One of the traditional ways to celebrate Arbor Day is to plant a tree. This postcard is a "SEEDCARD" ©1966 with a packet of Genuine California Redwood Seeds. The card folds up for mailing. Inside the card there are planting instructions and information about redwoods.


  1. Your post makes me think of the trees Imposted when I was a little girl. I wonder whether they are now towering tall or they have been cut and fallen to the ground...

    Happy Arbor Day!

  2. I adore the red woods--I visited there about eight years ago. The bark is so thick on those mighty trees that they grow hollow. Animals find their homes there...and the odd tourist, such as myself, somehow discovers the idea one might be able to drum a tune from various shaped hollows. Perhaps like a faery might. Earth Day was also celebrated, and I am a tree hugger--oaks being my favorite to hug. However, Australians seem nice to hug, too. Have a lovely day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.

  3. Somehow, I would never have thought of growing my own such majestic tree!
    I wonder how big that tree would be now if those seeds had actually been planted in 1966.

  4. I tried growing one from a seedling I brought from San Francisco one year. They don't make it very long in the Subtropical climate of South Florida.

    1. There must be a reason that they only grow naturally in the West. I don't think they would survive in Minnesota either.

  5. we've planted about 2 dozen trees in our yard with space for a few more yet. I haven't been up close to a redwood, but we did go see the giant kauri trees in New Zealand on our last trip. They are incredible.


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