Friday, May 16, 2014

Man-Bird & His Bride Going to "Feather Their Nest"

Hartman Furniture & Carpet Co. used the slogan "Let Hartman Feather Your Nest" in their advertising. They had a large mail order catalog and also had stores in many cities. There is a copy of a 1916 Hartman catalog online here. Another post with a Hartman advertising postcard featuring bride and groom birds is here.

This postcard was mailed from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Lidgerwood, North Dakota. The year in the postmark is unclear, but it looks most like 1910 or 1916. The message:
Dear Folks
I thought I wrote last so was waiting for a card from you. Ida was here from Hankinson last week she only stayed one day will write more next time.  by by . . .


  1. This is a neat card! I thought it rather odd at first, but the more look at it, the more I like it.
    The message is a bit odd, too - this writer seems determined to not say much until the card owed was received!

  2. Oh, WOW! What a FABULOUS postcard this is. Oh, my goodness! lol This just delights my heart. Thank you for posting. My darling Alan and I just returned from five days away at the Oregon Coast. It was such a lovey celebration. I adore this postcard, my dear. ((hugs))

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! (grin)


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