Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stamp Collecting Stamps

Philatelic Memorabilia.
Members of the American Philatelic Association are shown on the maximum card at their annual convention in 1898. 

Boy Examining Stamp Collection.
The Post Office Department's Philatelic Truck is shown on the maximum card. The truck carried a complete collection of U.S. stamps for youngsters to view and toured the country from 1939 to 1941 to stimulate interest in stamp collecting. President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent along a message to "The Junior Philatelists of the United States,' which said: "I commend stamp collecting to you because I started a collection when I was about ten years old and have kept it up ever since. In addition to the fun of it, it has kept up my interest in history and geography, past and present. I really believe that collecting stamps makes on a better citizen."

Under Magnifying Glass
The 1938 U.S. postage stamp commemorating the 300th anniversary of the landing of the first Swedish and Finnish settlers in America in what is now Delaware was based on a painting by Stanley M. Arthurs, which now hangs at the University of Delaware.

1986 Presidents Miniature SheetPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt was the nation's most famous stamp collector during his years in office. The maximum card shows him working with his stamp collection in the library of his home at Hyde Park, New York, in 1936.

The U.S Postal Service issued a Stamp Collecting commemorative booklet on January 23, 1986, in State College, Pennsylvania. This was its first commemorative stamp booklet. The stamps contained in this booklet are shown on the four USPS issued maximum cards above. The Swedish postal administration also issued a similar stamp booklet on the same day. The Swedish stamps are shown on the four Swedish maximum cards below.

Misprint 20/TRETIO (THIRTY)

The Engraver

The Album Sheet
Te design of this stamp is almost identical to the U.S. Under Magnifying Glass stamp.

The Stamp Collector

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  1. I love the idea of the truck trundling around the US with a full set stamps. Fantastic collection of themed maxi cards.

  2. This is one great collection of stamp collecting stamps!
    We had an article in our local newspaper about introducing kids to stamp collecting and there were a few more children than usual at the annual stamp fair on the weekend.

  3. A great collection, I really like the first 2 cards with the old photos.

  4. Good news Violet Sky. I've tried to interest my children in stamps but it hasn't stuck. Thank you postcardy, for sharing these great cards today.

  5. It must be difficult to interest kids today as fewer and fewer people send letter. To think only a week ago I was saying I wanted to see a philatelist on a stamp. Great card collection.


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