Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Santa Fe Trains in Crozier Canyon, Ariaona

Obviously artistic license was involved in the depictions of the trains on these two postcards of Santa Fe trains in Crozier Canyon, Arizona. Both postcards were published by Fred Harvey and have the same number H-1575 on the front. There are similar descriptions on the back, noting that Crozier Canyon is one of the many picturesque gorges in Arizona penetrated by Santa Fe trains en route to California. The scenery here is typical of Western Arizona with bare red rock, sand and cactus, with sparse vegetation.

The scenery on these two postcards is identical, but the train is different. The first card, published in 1937, has a black steam locomotive and cars. The second card, published in 1941, has a streamliner with a "Warbonnet" decorated locomotive and silvery stainless steel cars. The Warbonnet paint scheme was named after the bright red bonnet that swept back from the nose of the locomotive. The nose had a Circle and Cross Native American design with "Santa Fe" displayed in the center.

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