Friday, February 13, 2015

New York World's Fair: Firestone Factory

Within the Firestone Factory and Exhibition building, the world's most modern tire is made with the world's most modern tire machinery. Visitors will see Firestone Champion Tires built, from raw materials to finished tire. In addition, there are many interesting and dynamic displays of all Firestone products — tires, batteries, brake lining, spark plugs, rims, automotive parts, noise eliminators, plastics and Controlastic thread. Adjacent, in the quiet of a typical American farm setting, complete with babbling brook and domestic animals, modern farming equipment on Firestone Ground Grip Tires is displayed — a pastoral retreat from the busy "World of Tomorrow."

Here, the world's most modern tire is built with the world's most modern and most efficient tire machinery. Each step in the manufacturing process unfolds before your eyes — from the mixing of the raw rubber and chemicals and the Gum-Dipping of the Safety-Lock cords to application of the Gear Grip tread and the wrapping of the finished tire. You actually see how greater Strength and Safety is LOCKED  into Firestone Champion tires.

© 1939, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.


In New York and San Francisco
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