Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pan-American Games Stamp -- Winnipeg, 1967

This postcard shows a reproduction of the Canadian stamp commemorating the 1967 Pan-American Games held in Winnipeg. the logo of the games is on the bottom right of the stamp. The Pan-American Games (also known as the Pan Am Games) is a major sporting event in the Americas featuring summer sports, in which thousands of athletes from nations of the Americas compete. The games are held every four years in the year before the Summer Olympic Games.

The postcard was mailed with this commemorative stamp. 1967 was the year of the Canadian Centennial. The centennial logo 1867-1967 is in the bottom right corner of the postcard back.

 The 1999 Pan American Games were also held in Winnipeg. Currently, the 2015 Pan-Am Games are being held in Toronto, Canada, July 10-26. The Games are hosting 6,135 athletes representing 41 National Olympic Committees (NOCs), marking the largest multi-sport event hosted in Canada, in terms of athletes competing.[1] A record of 45% of competitors are expected to be women, the most ever for any multi-sport event.[2] The Games' program consists of 364 events in 36 sports, which includes the 28 sports that will be contested at the 2016 Summer Olympics. (source: Wikipedia)

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  1. Great vintage stamp - and even better, a matching postcard.

  2. The speed and concentration - great stamp design!

  3. Thank you for posting this one! I don't have any stamps for either of those games.

  4. Great to see.especially as we rarely hear anything about the games this side of the pond.


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