Thursday, May 17, 2007

Affordable Housing

This postcard advertises model houses by Merickel Lumber Mills of Wadena, Minnesota. The card is not dated--I would guess it is from mid to late 1950s. The prices seem really astounding today:

"Miss A-Miracle" -- 2 Bed Room Home -- $2100.00
"Merickel Senior" -- 3 Bed Room Home -- $3150.00
Garage and Breezeway Extra -- $800.00

It is not clear what these prices include, but they are not the prices for finished houses. Merickel Lumber Mills has been in business since 1934 and currently has a website, The website displays their current model homes along with pricing. Prices are shown for shell materials, material to finish the interior, and more costly options. Prices do not include wiring, plumbing, or fixtures. Free 400 mile delivery is offered.

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