Thursday, February 26, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday - Bunny Yeager & Mailbox

"Send Me a Postcard Too!!" What a great idea :)

This is a postcard I bought for my collection topic of "postcards about postcards." On the back it credits "Color by Bunny Yeager." I think it is a photo of Bunny too. Bunny Yaeger started as a model and became a well-known and popular photographer of pin-up girls. Her photos appeared in magazines and other places where pin-up photos are used, including some postcards. She also published a number of books, including one titled How I Photograph Myself, a how-to book about taking one's own picture.

The mailbox in this picture is of a type known as the
Owens-style mailbox. This mailbox probably started out painted olive drab before being painted red, white, and blue. Later these mailboxes were painted all blue. Some recent photos of old blue cast iron mailboxes are at forgotten street scenes--ancient mailboxes.

More information on Bunny Yeager:

Bunny Yeager Website

Bunny Yeager--Bizarre Magazine

Bunny Yeager--Retro-Girls

Want to participate in Postcard Friendship Friday? Welcome!! Go read this on Marie's to learn how to get started:)


  1. You have just sent me to link heaven! WHere are my smelling salts!

  2. There seems to be something of a mailbox theme starting! I love to see the different styles of mailbox in different parts of the world.


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