Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Greetings For You

This vintage (copyright J. Baumann 1910) Valentine postcard has a nice collection of Valentine symbols: cupid, hearts, roses, and doves.

Roses are a symbol of love. Today we think of red roses when we think of Valentine's Day. But, roses were not very common on old Valentine postcards. There are many other types of flowers on old Valentines. Most of the flowers are pink. Probably the rose has become more common because the floral industry is able to fly in roses from warm climates. There seems to be a recent trend, however, to give other flowers on Valentine's Day.


  1. Roses, and an angel bringing letters. What more do we need for tomorrow. Nice postcard. Happy Poscard Friendship Friday !

  2. Very pretty Valentine's greetings! Your inspirational postcards on your previous posts are very interesting!

  3. I do love vintage cards, and this is a lovely one. I have no Valentine postcards in my collection at ll, sadly.

  4. I'm sorry that I am such LATE commenter! My son invited 13 - 9 year old boys to sleepover for his birthday! We drank sparkling applejuice and ate cake at midnight! I don't think I've ever been so tired!

    Your blog is such a gem! I really enjoy it!


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