Monday, June 29, 2009

Google Blocking

According to Google, this blog has been identified as a spam blog & I have no idea why.


  1. Whatttt?!!! That is nutso! What can you do to change that? I'm shocked! How disturbing!

  2. You're kidding. That's awful. Google has been doing some very strange things lately.

    Indeed--that is totally disturbing.

  3. What exactly does this mean? How do you get around it?

  4. That's crazy! Is there a way to get around that? Awful :(

  5. You have to click a link in an email and wait for Google to review the blog. I think it is OK now.

    Google doesn't tell you anythng else. It could have something to do with the links I put on for the Postcard Scavenger Hunt. I want to change them again, but think I better wait a while.

  6. I know someone else with an entirely non-spam blog that was wiped out by one of those baseless Google Blogspot "this is a spam blog" claims

  7. It seems to me that if it was the Links Widget then Marie (Cpaphil) would have had problems too.
    Is it possible that a spammer signed up in your links, was declared a spam blog and then you were found guilty by association.
    I know that at Wordpress I had reported someone for something bad related to children and Wordpress told me that not only was that blog suspended,but also all blogs linking to it.


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