Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smorgasbord Sunday -- Jacques French Restaurant in Winter

This is the first of what, hopefully, will be series of regular Sunday blog posts called "Smorgasbord Sunday (SS)." The series will consist of variety of restaurant and food-related postcards.

description on the back

I chose this postcard today because so many parts of the country, including Chicago, have been hit by snowstorms this past week.

This postcard has a "one cent" stamp box, indicating that it was probably originally printed before the postage increase of January 1952. Jacques French Restaurant issued many different postcards over the years, including a different snow scene with a "four cent" stamp box (the amount of postage required in the mid-1960s).


  1. Hi postcardy. Just popped in from Karen's Postcards from the Dinner Table. What a GREAT post.

    As a cookbook collector I often come across postcards used as book markers. I am surely going to enjoy Smorgasbord Sunday.

    Thanks for sharing...

    I have a blog link in my list called restauranting through history, I do believe Jan has some really cool restaurant post cards on her blog you might like...

  2. Hi! When I was a young girl, my Grandmother took me for luncheon at Jacques in Chicago!!! I still remember how grown up and elegant I felt. Thanks for the memory! Stay warm!!!

  3. Restaurant post cards are always fun to find. Menus from restaurants are really rare and hard to find. Thanks for sharing. I not sure I have any restaurant post cards. Have a great day

  4. The tables look like big cakes. Very nice...and I love the idea of Smorgasbord Sunday!


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