Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smorgasbord Sunday - Wolfie's of Fort Lauderdale

Judging by this postcard, Wolfie's of Fort Lauderdale looks like it would have been a fun family restaurant. The Florida Department of State Division of Corporations lists WOLFIE'S OF FORT LAUDERDALE, INC. with a filing date of 10/30/1958 and a last event of "involuntarily dissolved" on 11/21/1984.


  1. Sadly they could not keep the wolf from the door!

  2. Why do you have such big teeth Grandma? The better to eat at Wolffie's my dear!

  3. Wolfies was a great favorite for many years - you can still find people talking about the loss of it closing on food forums sometimes.

    Great card! :)

  4. Indeed it is a GREAT card! I'm wondering whether this is the Wolfies Karen speaks of.


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