Sunday, March 7, 2010

SS - The Chuck Wagon, Rapid City, South Dakota

The Chuck Wagon restaurant is no longer at 3609 Sturgis Road in Rapid City. That address is now listed as the location of a Mr. Movies video rental store.

The chuck wagons that were used on western cattle drives originated in 1866. Charles Goodnight rebuilt a sturdy four-wheel wagon, fitting it with a chuck (food) box in the rear. The chuck box was the width of the wagon and had a hinged lid that lowered to become a work surface for the cook. Inside the chuck box were shelves and drawers for food and cooking utensils.

The tops of chuck wagons had bows across the top covered with waterproof sheets. The sides of the wagon held water barrels and tool boxes. A canvas or cowhide sling was attached to the bottom of the wagon to hold fuel collected along the way. The average wagon box was about 10 feet long and 38-40 inches wide. The wagon box carried the cowboys' personal items, gear, and bulk supplies.

Typical chuck wagon meals included beans, beef, sourdough biscuits, and coffee. In addition to their meal-time use, chuck wagons served as headquarters and social centers on cattle drives.

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