Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 8 Postcard and Belarus Stamps

This week I received this lovely March 8 International Women's Day postcard from a Postcrosser in Belarus. On the back of the card are three spring flower stamps in the same spring colors as the postcard. The names are given in both Belarusian and Latin. The Latin names are Paeonia lactiflora (Peony), Narcissus hybridus (Narcissus), and Tulipa gesneriana (Tulip).

Three animal stamps, not so springlike, but equally nice are also on the back of the card.

Belarus Post has a nice online catalog in English where you can see stamp issues since 1992, including these and other stamps in the Garden Flower and Wild Animal series.

I am participating in Sunday Stamps at Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. I love the Spring stamp,it makes me more excited for Spring and easter hunt. :)

    My First Sunday Stamp


  2. Thanks for posting these and the link to more details, It's too early yet for our peonies and tulips, but narcissae are opening now,

  3. The pink stamps next to the pink postcard look fantastic in your blog entry. thanks for participating.

  4. A very cute card, which would brighten up a postbox. The flowers and mammals are all on the move.

  5. tulips are my favourite spring time flower! happy sunday stamps!

  6. Nice! See your Belarus stamps on my maximum cards:

  7. You should have scrolled down to see them.


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