Monday, March 14, 2011

Pearce Cloak Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This postcard advertises the Pearce Cloak Co., which was located at 403-405 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. The following information is from the back of the postcard:
MINNEAPOLIS has eight large Department Stores and five Specialty Stores for Women's Wear. The Pearce Cloak Co.--popularly known as "Pearce's"--is illustrated on the other side of this card. It is the leading and best ready-to-wear Women's Apparel Store in the Northwest.
There is a written message on the back of this card dated 1911. The Emporis website lists Pearce Cloak Company building as an alternative name for Fields Store. The building was demolished in 1962.


  1. Those flower boxes add so much to the building. I think I might like one of those cloaks.

  2. Neat card. Ever notice how the buildings in old postcards have an unnatural perspective? The structures don't appear to narrow as they go up! I had no idea that Photoshop was around back then. (heh-heh)

  3. View cameras were and still are used to control perspective in architectural photography.

  4. It's so rare to see the full streetscape with store windows and their contents visible. Special card.


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