Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Stamps - Finland 1980

This postcard shows Finland's 1980 Christmas stamps. The stamps represent old Finnish Christmas games.

Two games are shown on the first stamp: "Pull the roller" and "weighing out the salt." These are trials of strength. A table with holiday food, homemade beer, and candles is in the background.

The second stamp shows the game "putting out the shoemaker's eye." The straw on the floor was traditional. Straw Christmas decorations are still popular in Finland.

I am participating in Sunday Stamps at Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. Christmas is celebrated in many countries so it is nice to see the different Christmas stamps.

  2. I would like to mail some Christmas letters (if i still wrote any) with stamps like that. Such cute pictures.

  3. Two fine Christmas stamps with children making their on fun, Great traditions.

  4. Such warm colours, I can imagine the family being so cosy inside on Christmas Day.

  5. How different from today's children watching TV and playing Nintendo - my own included. Thanks for participating.

  6. such a simple time....
    I didn't get my stamp post up this week, but still wanted to see what everybody else had.

  7. Beautiful stamps! I like both the theme and the style.


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