Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Merry Xmas Dec. 25th

This is another postcard from 1911. I am posting it on December 25 because Dec 25th is part of the design. On the back, the sender (Mrs. Aberg or Alberg) is wishing Mrs. Sterling a happy Christmas, but she isn't very happy herself. This is what she wrote:
Dec 20, 1911
Wish you a happy happy Christmas & Bright New Year. For my Part I don't see much to be happy for the way we have it and I will write you later and you will see. Well I received your card some time ago. But had no time to answer. hope you can forgive. You asked me what baby's name was. We call her Leona Victoria.

I wonder why she didn't see much to be happy for.


  1. Nothing to be happy for? Makes me think there was something wrong with the new baby. Something about the phrase "we call her..." makes it sound as if she may not be around long.

  2. postpartum blues???
    lovely card nonetheless.

  3. Even Leona Victoria wouldn't be around now had she lived to tell us of her mother's woes.


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