Monday, March 19, 2012

Perfection Manufacturing Co. - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Above is a postcard advertising the Perfection Milker made by the Perfection Manufacturing Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company had its factory and main offices at 2125 East Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

The picture below is from a Perfection Milker ad that appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune on October 8, 1922. The company had an exhibit at the National Dairy Show, Minnesota State Fair Grounds, October 7th to 14th. The ad said to be sure to visit the exhibit "whether you are in the market this year or not." The milker was said to save time and increase profits:
If you milk eight or more cows, the Perfection Milker will give you extra hours and extra profit. And why should you or anyone drudge along milking the slow, old-fashioned way, when at the cost of a few cents a day you can milk the Perfection way? It is more pleasant, more sanitary and more profitable. For nine years the Perfection has been in satisfactory service on thousands of the best dairy farms in the country.

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