Saturday, March 10, 2012

Queen Elizabeth Stamps - Machin & Wilding Portraits

The card shown above is a maximum card from the National Postal Museum in London. The stamp featured on this card is the 17p stamp with the Machin portrait of Queen Elizabeth. The first day of issue was March 30, 1983. The cancellation says "Philatelic Bureau Edinburgh."

The Machin series of postage stamps features a sculptured head by Arnold Machin. The series is the main definitive stamp series in the United Kingdom. The Machin portrait has been used since 1967 when it replaced the Wilding series which had been used since 1952. For more information about the Machin stamps, see Machins for beginners.

The stamps below all feature the Dorothy Wilding portrait of Queen Elizabeth. These stamps are from my old 1950s stamp collection. If you look closely, you can see four (possibly five) different designs.

An article on the website of the Collectors Club of Great Britain lists the denominations and colors of stamps by five designers, but I didn't see the first stamp of my second row listed. Below is another I have that wasn't listed there. I would probably have more luck identifying the stamps if I had a stamp catalog.

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  1. Queen Elizbeth II has probably appeared on more stamps than any other woman. This is her Diamond Jubilee Year.

  2. I think you'll find your stamps here

    My husband is fascinated by the minor variations in UK stamps, even variations that can't be seen with the naked eye.

  3. My first thought was that ER's nose is rather (unflatteringly) prominent in the card with the first stamp.

  4. I like the Wilding stamps better,the variety of designs is more interesting unlike the Machin design where just the colours change.

  5. Gosh, I remember the 50 stamps! It's interesting to see them all together.

  6. I also featured Lilibeth, mostly Canadian stamps, with a few others.

  7. A fine set of stamps. I hope she’ll be appearing on quite a few more yet.

  8. Wow, I love the Queen Elizabeth set. I have to say I also like the Wilding stamps more.

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    My Stamp Menagerie

  9. Brilliant post! I love anything to do with Queen Elizabeth because she really is an amazing person. And great links to learn more from. Thanks ^_^

  10. I'm no big fan of Liz but I must admit the design on all these is strong,simple & very effective.


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