Monday, April 30, 2012

New Life Cafe - Two Harbors, Minnesota

The New Life Cafe didn't have much to say for itself on this postcard. All it says on the back of the card is that the cafe is in downtown Two Harbors, Minnesota, the iron ore shipping center of Northern Minnesota. The happy chef sign jutting out from the building advertises "meals and lunches."

I was fortunate to uncover some information about the cafe in a newspaper article posted online: Remodeling uncovers history. The interior of the building had eight murals depicting outdoor scenes along the North Shore. The murals were painted by German immigrant Otto Goebl around 1954. They had been covered during a previous remodeling and remained out of view for more than forty years. The photo below showing a glimpse of the murals is from the newspaper article*.

* The article was written by Janna Goerdt of the Duluth News Tribune and appeared online in a December 31, 2005 issue of the Post-Bulletin.

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  1. I love the news story. That adds a lot to an already fun card. I like the idea of a cafe where you could walk in and order a new life. It could make for a fun menu too. You could have the full new life special or just the new life sampler etc.


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