Tuesday, August 14, 2012

El Capitan Train

The Santa Fe Railway's El Capitan began service in 1938, operating on the Santa Fe main line from Chicago to Los Angeles on the same fast schedule as the railroad's premier Pullman Super Chief.

The following description is printed on the back of this postcard:
This Santa Fe day-saving dollar-saving transcontinental streamlined train is dedicated entirely to the service of chair-car passengers. It makes the 2227-mile journey between Chicago and Los Angeles twice-weekly as swiftly as the fastest luxury streamliners--in just 39-3/4 hours. El Capitan, behind a 3600 H.P. Diesel-electric locomotive, capable of 120 miles an hour, carries 6 or more ultra-modern air-conditioned lightweight streamlined stainless steel cars--including beautifully appointed 52-seat chair cars, with spacious dressing rooms; a modern club-chair car; and a unique Fred Harvey lunch counter-dining car.

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