Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greyhound Buses - Indianapolis, Indiana

There are a lot of buses shown on this postcard of the Indianapolis Greyhound Station. There are also some smaller vehicles in the same colors.

This station was originally a "traction terminal" opened in 1904 for interurban train service (transpressnz blog has a postcard with a similar view of the traction terminal). The station was later converted into a Bus Station. The train shed was torn down in 1968, and the neighboring office building was demolished in 1972 (source: flickr).


  1. This brings back a memory for me. When I was a kid taking the bus from Muncie to Vincennes to visit my grandma, my mom's cousin would come to the bus station in Indy to help me. I had to change buses to continue my journey to Vincennes.

  2. I love old bus postcards. They don't seem so charming today, but they certainly did then.


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