Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lace Making & Most Popular 1976 Swedish Stamps

One of my favorite Swedish stamp postcards is the one above showing a girl at her lace-pillow making bobbin lace. In the background is the monastery church of Vadstena. This stamp was engraved by Slania and was issued on March 10, 1976.

A variety of postage stamps on the lace theme are shown at Lace Stamps of the World.

The postcard below shows the ten most popular stamps in the contest for the most beautiful Swedish stamp of 1976. The lace making stamp is in the bottom row with the two Europa Handicraft stamps (the handicraft stamps were featured on my post here). The three stamps in the first two rows are from the province of Ångermanland series. The two stamps at the left of the third row are one commemorating the Royal Wedding of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Miss Silvia Sommerlath and one showing a chimney sweep. The other two stamps in the third row are from the Christmas- Medieval Book-Painting series.

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  1. That Swedish stamp card is exquisite.
    I remember watching some Belgian women working with lace bobbins - it was a fascinating experience.

  2. And your lace stamp is a Slania. I remember the post on him. I learn alot from this blog. thank you so much for participating.

  3. lace-making is a wonderful tradition, here in croatia too :)

  4. That is so wonderful! By coincidence I went to a country fair sort of day today in an historic town, and talked with the ladies who were demonstrating lace-making. They had all their bobbins going and were making some beautiful pieces. It is such an intricate and wonderful craft! Fantastic stamp too!

  5. Fascinating craft with it seems an infinite variety of patterns.

  6. What a wonderful stamp, about a wonderful craft.

  7. Not only have you shown us a wonderful stamp you have also given me information about other stamps in my collection. I have the Royal Wedding stamp, the sweep, the two in the medieval painting series and the stamp at the bottom right. I can now date them all. Thank you.


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