Friday, January 31, 2014

Pour Moi?

This postcard fits in a topic that I have especially enjoyed collecting in the last few years, what I call "Writing Reminders." It is labeled Victoria Series and is printed and published in England.

To me, this postcard looks like it is about 50 years older than the 1959 date stamp on the back would indicate. I am wondering whether another collector has information that could date this card. I often have trouble dating English postcards, because they are so different from American postcards. Also, sometimes there are date stamps on postcards that relate to a date in a collection rather than the date of original publication.


  1. E.R. Green & Co. (1905-1907)
    Victoria Street, Blackpool, England
    This firm founded by Edward Rhodes Green largely published comic cards under the Victoria Series name.

    So your guess on the age was spot on.

  2. I love the looks on their faces. Happy PFF!

  3. What a funny postcard! I love the expression on their faces, too. How cool that Sheila was able to give you the age of this marvelous postcard. I've never seen one like this before! Thank you for posting and sharing.

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday and have a lovely lovely weekend.

  4. I would have guessed pre-1910, too, though the divided back is confusing.
    The message is interesting!

  5. I agree with Snap, the faces are very expressive.

    Happy PFF and happy weekend!


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