Saturday, January 4, 2014

Russian Sports Stamps

This postcard shows Russian (Soviet) stamps and is titled "Sport on stamps." Some of these are Olympic stamps, and some commemorate other sporting events. The easiest ones to identify are the ones commemorating the Sapporo (САППОРО ) 1972 Winter Olympics. Five stamps were issued for that Olympics. The sports shown are speed skating, figure skating, hockey, ski jumping, and cross country skiing.


Many stamps were issued for the Moscow 1980 Olympics. One of them is the stamp on the lower right with the green border and magenta hurdler. To the left of that stamp is a stamp commemorating the 1974 Moscow Modern Pentathlon World Championship.

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  1. They certainly bring colour to a winter's day. I like the snowflake symbol for the games on the set.

  2. That Sapporo set is superb. The postcard is certainly colourful.

  3. Very nice set, I'm not really a follower of the Olympics, but the winter sports I find watchable.

  4. You must have a wonderful collection of stamp postcards, as you have shared yet another one with us. thank you, and perfect for the theme.
    thank you for participating.

  5. wow, just came from another entry featuring Sapporo stamps...they've done a really good job that these ones as well! So vibrant!


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