Friday, June 20, 2014

Optimistic Miss

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month. This Optimistic Miss postcard was published by Gartner & Bender and mailed in 1918. It  is part of a series featuring this little miss and her cat, along with optimistic verses.

Life is what we make it. 
Let's drive away dull care;
Give of your joys and pleasures,
Let others have a share.


  1. When I was but a young thing, I also tried to dress up the cat in bows and hats. It was not appreciated.

  2. I didn't know June is Adopt a Cat month! How cool is that?! lol I actually have been considering a kitten. I adore this postcard, it is just the cutest thing. lol Happy PFF, sweet Friend! ((hugs))

  3. I think I'm needing another kitten....
    those pigtails are hilarious!

  4. My cat doesn't even much like milk, or maybe it's the little girl's breakfast.


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