Thursday, August 11, 2011

Romantic Couples

And when the day's ended you'll wait on our pourch
And the smile on your face will be my life's tourch

To show him, that there's nothing wrong,
She kisses long her lover strong.

Postcards showing romantic couples were popular during the postcard craze of the early twentieth century. These two were produced by the Theodor Eismann company in Germany circa 1910. On the back, they are marked in the bottom left corner with the company logo, a combination of a comet with the intertwoven initials Th.E.L.

Printed on the bottom of the right side is Th.E.L. „Theochrom” Serie N0 1124 (or Serie N0 1091 on the second card). “Theochrom” was their process name for a glossy lacquer finish. Postcards like these typically were published in series. The romantic series usually featured the same models in a sequence of poses acting out the words on the card.

The video below shows "The Romantic Postcard of the early 20th century in the social context of the time and what women had to consider before marrying as marriage was at that time for life."

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  1. Saucy seaside postcards I've seen but none like you've shown and in the video. Romance galore in these.

  2. I'm sure that the accompanying verses on these cards had people swooning back then, but today? Pure corn!

  3. Gorgeous postcards, with lovely colours. I had to watch the video with the sound turned down after a while, so that I could appreciate the kaleidoscope of beautiful cards without the mechanical delivery of the voiceover.

  4. interesting collection. Thanks for the warning about the voiceover, Nell. I turned it down as well.

  5. Loved the slide show, love the fashions (but not the rule) of the Victorian Era.

  6. Oh yes the post cards and history are excellent, but there is such a peaceful look and stunning style to how they made them back in the day....that porch is lovely!

  7. Quite a nice collection of romantic cards. Thanks for the tip first commenters.

  8. I love the cards if not so much the verses. "Pourch" and "tourch" seem unusual spellings to me.

  9. Oh he sounds a bit like Hitchcock. I'm expecting a murder at any moment!

  10. These days, it's difficult to imagine anyone sending these. But they're beautiful pictures; a piece of history.

  11. Interesting history that shows the evolution and power of imagery. I wonder how this compares to what is happening today in graphic art in the Islamic world?

  12. i love just how passionate the narrator in the video is....

    lovely cards!! but so reminiscent of an era now long gone. is romance dead? what we see nowaday seems so fake. maybe it's always been, to allow the species to reproduce. ok, much too cynical here, gonna leave you folks alone now...



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