Saturday, August 13, 2011

Salute to Youth

This stamp saluting young America was issued August 11, 1948 to commemorate National Youth Month of September 1948. The First Day ceremony was held at the White House in Washington, D.C. and was hosted by President Harry Truman.

National Youth Month was conceived as part of a campaign to combat juvenile delinquency. In announcing this stamp, the Postmaster General declared, "America looks to its youth of today, because the future destiny of this country depends in large measure on the younger generation. Only by continuing to recognize the importance of the men and women of tomorrow can America maintain the strong bulwark of freedom that is today."

The stamp design shown below is from the U. S. Post Office Department Stamp Design Files. This design was criticized as being nothing more than a billboard poster. It certainly is less intricate than most other U. S. stamps of that era.

I don't know whether National Youth Month was celebrated in other years. It doesn't appear to be celebrated today.

There is an International Youth Day on August 12 each year. It was designated by the United Nations in 1999 and was first celebrated in 2000. It is meant as an opportunity to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. The year from International Youth Day 2010 to International Youth Day 2011 was designated International Year of Youth by the United Nations. This was the 25th Anniversary of the first International Year of Youth.

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  1. August 12th in the UK is the opening of the grouse shooting season. One cartoon this week shows a group of youthful hooded looters being lined up and told that they will be the quarry for the shooting parties. Sign of the times unfortunately.

  2. Interesting stamp and memorabilia. Bob is quite right, sign of the times given the riots in the UK over the past week. Shocking.

  3. At times I think there is too much of a youth culture today, but certainly there are issues we need to address.

  4. Very nice postcard and stamp, and an interesting post, thanks.

  5. interesting stamp
    As for too much of a youth culture today, I think there's too much emphasis about the youth "needing" everything they desire.

  6. The postcard image looks a bit like propaganda(just my opinion.) I did not know about this holiday.


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