Monday, September 12, 2011

Minneapolis High Schools - 100 Years Ago

This circa 1911 postcard shows the five Minneapolis public high schools in existence at that time.

Central High School. Located at at 11th Street and 3rd Avenue South. Opened in 1877. Replaced with a new school at 4th Ave S. and 34th St. in 1913. New building closed in 1982.

South High School. Located at at Cedar Ave and E 24th. Opened in 1892. Building was significantly changed by 1916 with additions and replacements in several styles.

West High School. Located at Hennepin Ave and W 28th. Opened in 1909. Closed in 1982.

North High School. Located at 17th Ave, N. between Girard and Fremont Avenues. Opened in 1896. Additions added in 1908 and 1910. Reconstructed after a 1913 fire and replaced with a new school 1972-73.

East High School. Located on Central Ave. between University Ave. SE and 4th St. SE. Opened in 1866 as Winthrop. Closed in 1889. Reopened as East High in 1900. Closed in 1924.


  1. Why can't we manage to build beautiful school like that anymore?

  2. It's pretty impressive that they even had five high schools back then!


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