Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chinese Panda Stamps



Panda and Bamboo

Little Partners

Above is a set of four maximum cards from the People's Republic of China with panda postage stamps that were issued on May 24, 1985. The backs of the postcards have titles in both Chinese and English. I believe that the artist for this series of stamps was Han Meilin.

Another Chinese artist who created panda stamps was Wu Zuoren. From Wikipedia:
1963: Wu Zuoren sets out to change the face of China when presented with the opportunity to design a three postage stamps for the People's Republic of China. Known for his ink paintings of yaks and camels in western China Wu Zuoren's Giant Panda stamps first issued in 1963 establish the Giant Panda as the emblem of the new China. A second series of six Giant Panda stamps by Wu Zouren was issued in 1973, and a more elaborate Giant Panda edition based on his ink paintings produced in 1985.
Wu Zuoren's 1985 edition seems to be something in a different style than the drawings on my maximum cards.

I am participating in Sunday Stamps at Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. I put up a picture of a panda called Bamboo recently - he was a favourite with my daughter. She would just love your panda stamps.

  2. Very cute cards. I love the simplicity of the lines that convey so much. By coincidence I received a panda postcard from China this week, but not a panda stamp.

  3. I love the maxicards, the pandas are adorable!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! I especially like the first set.

  5. All wonderful pieces of art. thanks for participating!

  6. these are so lovely! Not until recently actually I associated the Panda with China...and that's when I got a Panda card with Panda stamps from I really like maxi-cards in general, so these are superb!

  7. Lots of cute pandas...:)...Want more? Here:


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