Monday, October 31, 2011

Puffer-Hubbard Folding Delivery Boxes

Puffer-Hubbard was a Minneapolis company that manufactured silos, folding deliv­ery boxes, wheelbarrows, and other items. In a previous blog post I showed a postcard advertising Puffer-Hubbard's Panel Silos. The postcard shown here advertises their wire-sewed folding delivery boxes. The top half of the card shows the boxes when they were open and loaded. The bottom half of the card shows the boxes when they were empty and folded flat.

The back of this postcard, used in 1910, points out some of the advantages of using these boxes: "They take up less room in your store, give your wagons an up-to-date appearance, prevent loss of articles and insure their safe delivery."

The illustration below is from a book found on Detailed plans and instructions for organizing and operating a co-operative delivery system. The boxes could be numbered, making them easier to locate when delivering. This book pointed out that "In addition to the advantages in the saving of time and space, the unique construction of these boxes makes them especially durable and being made of slats they can be kept in repair by unskilled help at a very slight cost."

This ad below is from the Minneapolis Tribune of October27, 1912


  1. Neat card, and those boxes are fabulous! Certainly ahead of their time, I'd say.

  2. Great piece of ephemera. I have the plastic version of this in the back of my car, and mistakenly though it was a modern invention. More history trivia, please.

  3. I have a original Hubbard Folding Box, really neat. Nice and old.


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