Monday, October 17, 2011

New Fall Hats - 1930s Style

This advertisement for fall hats from a "Big Hat Store" in downtown Minneapolis was printed on a government postal card and mailed September 14, 1936.

Many of the women's hats of the 1930s could be described as pert or perky and were worn at a jaunty angle. The style shown on the card seems typical of hats of the 1930s, fitting relatively close to the head and tilted to the side so that one eye and one ear were concealed.

Women needed hats in the 1930s in order to be considered properly dressed. Buying a new hat would have lifted their spirits in the midst of the depression. However, the $1.88 price that seems cheap today would have been equivalent to nearly $30 in 2011 dollars (DollarTimes Inflation Calculator).


  1. My mother (born in 1919) was known for her hats. She would have been in fashion in the 40s, as opposed to the 30s on this card, but her hats were all very wide brimmed. I love hats, but feel very out of place in anything other than a baseball cap today.

  2. I love hats, but only berets look good on me. I enjoyed seeing this hat ad, and thanks for giving the current day price equivalent.

  3. I was just in Minneapolis for a geology meeting and walked up Nicollet Mall. I must have have walked right by the location of this store! I ate at Brit's and the Local (on different nights!)


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