Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interior of Northwest Orient Airlines DC-6B's

This postcard of the interior of Northwest Orient Airlines DC-6B shows what air travel was like in the 1950s. These well-dressed folks look like they are really enjoying themselves.

The description on the back is as follows:
Northwest Orient airlines is proud of its fleet of DC-6B's. They represent the finest in aviation engineering. Four giant engines with a total of 12,000 horsepower glide you along at over 300 miles per hour. Cabins are pressurized and soundproofed for your comfort.


  1. Where are the t-shirts with rude slogans and the sweat pants and flip flops?
    It also looks as if there is a lot more headroom, which means the overhead bins were probably tiny. I don't suppose people put anything larger than a purse or a coat in them in those days.

  2. It looks like there is just an open shelf with blankets and pillows and a couple of hats.

  3. Amazing postcard! Everyone looks so happy to be flying (of course they didn't have to go through security!) I also love the way everyone dressed up back then to travel - certainly not like today!

  4. Not only are the people nicely dressed, but those lovely red curtains provide a nice accent color!


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