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Metropolitan Theater, Minneapolis & Alberta Gallatin

The postcard above shows the Metropolitan Theater of Minneapolis. This theater was located at 320 First Ave South. It was built in 1894 and demolished in 1937. The name "Alberta Gallatin" is shown prominently on the sign above the door of the theater.

Alberta Gallatin (1861 - 1948) appeared at this Minneapolis theater twice in 1906. In May 1906 she appeared in "Cousin Kate," a comedy of English home life in the peaceful environment of the Surrey Hills near London.

Minneapolis Tribune, May 25, 1906

In October 1906, Gallatin appeared in "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall," based on a popular 1902 historical novel following the life and romances of Dorothy Vernon in Elizabethan England.

Minneapolis Tribune, October 26, 1906

The photo below of Alberta Gallatin is from the University of Louisville. Alberta Gallatin appeared in Louisville at Macauley's Theatre in the same two plays as in Minneapolis: in "Cousin Kate" (October 1905) and "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" (February 1907), the performance during which she inscribed this portrait.

The last two images are from the Library of Congress.

© 1906 by The U.S. Lithograph Co.

© 1903 by The U.S. Lithograph Co.

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  1. I can't help wondering what the tower room in the theatre would be used for. Interesting to see that Alberta Gallatin performed in plays based on English Stories. I haven't heard of either I must admit.
    What has replaced the theatre on the site?

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  3. I interpreted The Emotional Actress as being a description of Alberta, causing me to wonder what all the others were like. Then I thought that it must be the play’s title. It appears my first thoughts were correct.

  4. I've seen posters of Alberta Gallatin for sale (probably on All ??)but it never occurred to me she was real. Thanks for bringing me up-to-date.

  5. I was just thinking its a shame that theatrical actresses can only be known by reportage and their photos or adverts (what an an attractive poster)then looked her up and saw she appeared in 7 silent films.

  6. Not sure my comments arrived before, so, again--a grand structure, so sad it is long gone. I did not know anything about Alberta Gallatin before I read this.

  7. What a great theater - and I was glad to learn about Alberta Gallatin.

  8. Great story! I've just started to search for theater postcards myself because like this they fit so perfectly with the photos of the performers. Last year I read a diary kept by a similar actress from this period and it was not the romantic life we imagine. Long days traveling by train, bad hotels, and inferior halls. It was real work for an artist's life.

  9. The amazing thing about those opera houses, and theatres were the unbelievable booklets that made for plays and various acts! Something that really got lost a long time ago...I too have collected a few through the years, and the photos and words on many are almost as good as seeing the performance!

  10. I love how you showed us the postcard, gave us a little history of the theatre then followed up with the theatre ad for Alberta's plays and her picture. The lithographs are beautiful too. Very nice!

  11. I like the one of Albert Gallatin - shame about the tear. Nice post - cardy!

  12. She would be what we call
    an handsome woman...

  13. Interesting research, and that building is marvelous!

  14. The building was so beautiful. I wonder why they tore it down, it wasn't all that old. Thanks for introducing me to Alberta Gallatin. I know not much about the early days of film and stage that is for sure. And to think that they named the theater after her. I also liked the part of The Wizard of Oz being shown.

    Have a great week,

    Kathy M.

  15. Thank you for the pictures...She was my great great grandmother....Her full name was Alberta Gallatin Childe, after she married my Greatetc. Grandfather, Edwin Ogden Childe, her second husband...Her son Edwin Ogden Childe married the Great Granddaughter of Joseph Jefferson, for whom she played the leading lady for 15 years.


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