Thursday, January 19, 2012


This postcard shows a lettuce field in Salinas, California, known as "salad bowl of the nation." The back of the postcard has this description:
Over sixty per cent of the lettuce eaten in the nation comes from the Salinas Valley where they call it "green gold." With the longest growing season in the world, heavy shipments are made from April to December and lesser shipments during the other months.
The Salinas Valley is south of San Francisco, California. The word "salina" is Spanish for salt marsh, salt lake or salt pan. The economy of the region is dominated by agriculture. The main crops produced include lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach. The climate and length of the growing season are ideal for growing these and other crops.

PROD-uce or pro-DUCE?
Produce production deduced,
Deduction produced.

The Theme Thursday Theme for January 19, 2012 is


  1. intersting...was not aware of much of this...making lettuce to make lettuce...ha

  2. Thanks for the info. And I like your word play of produce ~

  3. I think that so many in our country do not know how much produce is grown in California. The sad thing is that so much of the land has been bought by land developers and turned into housing tracts. Even where I live the land was once grape fields grown for wine. Now almost all the grape fields are gone and the local wineries have closed. We have a few orange groves left but who knows when they will disappear. But with a population of over 36 million in this state, I guess they have to live somewhere. And due to the earthquakes building upwards is not a major option.

    Thank goodness there are still areas just for agriculture. A concrete jungle does not feed people.

    I have been to that area in the card and it is truly amazing to see miles and miles of the farms.

    Thanks so much for producing the postcard for this weeks Theme Thursday. Truly awesome.

    God bless.


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