Monday, February 27, 2012

New Main Building - Folwell Hall - University of Minnesota

The new Main Building at the University of Minnesota Campus in Minneapolis was built during 1906-1907 to replace the old Main Building which burned in 1904. The new Main Building was named Folwell Hall in honor of the University's first president William Watts Folwell who served as president from 1869 to 1884. Folwell Hall has recently undergone renovations. Information about the renovation and historical photos can be found on the Folwell Hall Renovation website.

The building's architect was Clarence H. Johnston. Johnston was Minnesota State Architect for thirty years, and designed many buildings on the University of Minnesota campus and other state-owned sites. He also designed many upper class residences in St. Paul. Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) produced a very interesting program Gracious Places: Clarence H. Johnston: Minnesota Architect that can be watched online.

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  1. If your Accu-weather window on the left had shown a temperature of 67 degrees, I would have headed straight over there to see those buildings in person. Instead, it showed a temperature of 25. Brrrr.


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