Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wings Over Central America

The illustration on this postcard is from an original poster painting by Paul George Lawler. The description on the back of the postcard is as follows:

Guatemala City - in the heart of the "Middle continent" - is one of the one hundred sixty-four ports of call in the sixty-one countries and colonies on Pan American's Routes of the Flying Clipper Ships - which link the Three Americas with Europe, Australasia and the Orient - largest air transport system in the world.
I couldn't find any information on Lawler. A couple of other posters he illustrated for Pan American Airways have been reproduced and are available at many online poster websites.

Pan Am produced hundreds of advertising posters. The website everythingPanAm.com has a page devoted to posters with a sampling of different styles from different eras. One of the early posters shown used the art shown on the above postcard. The poster has "Guatemala" printed above the illustration, and "is only one day away/ via Pan American" printed in two lines below the illustration.

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  1. Oh, that is just beautiful. Makes me want to pack my bag and head to Central America.


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