Monday, July 16, 2012

Turtle Races - Longville, Minnesota

This postcard shows the Longville, Minnesota Turtle Races. Longville has had Turtle Races since the mid-60’s. The races take place each Wednesday from early June to late August.

The races are run in heats of ten to fifteen turtles. The turtles are placed in a center circle to start. When the racers release their turtles, most of the turtles instinctively head across the pavement toward an outer circle. The first turtle to cross the outer circle wins. The turtle that ends up closest to the letter “A" in the word “Start” is the heat’s “slow poke.”

This postcard is about 25 years old. I was reminded of it when I saw a news story this morning about turtle racing in Minnesota. The YouTube video has a good view of a race.

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  1. I'm a collector of turtle postcards and would love to have a copy of that card for my collection. Thanks for the the video, so cool!

    Anyone wanna trade turtle postcards?


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