Thursday, November 22, 2012

Little Thanksgiving Card & Perfin Stamp

This Thanksgiving postcard is signed by the artist Ellen Clapsaddle and published by International Art. It is numbered 1311.

I hope this little card will convey
All that I wish for your Thanksgiving Day:
But somehow or other it seems so small
To think that it could carry them all.

The back of this card is unusual because it was written upside with the address and message in the wrong columns.

The stamp on the back of this card is a perfin. In philately, a perfin is a stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft. The name is a contraction of perforated initials or perforated insignia. The top twoo letters on this stamp appear to be NW which could be an abbreviation for Northwest or Northwestern. The bottom letter appears to be a G.

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