Friday, October 24, 2014

GGIE: Pacific Gas and Electric Company Exhibit

IN A VAST, animated diorama covering the end wall of the Electricity and Communications Building, three phases of Calivornia's development are portrayed. On the left is a covered-wagon train of '49, encamped for the night in a Sierra pass. On the right, is a dock scene is a dock scene in early-day San Francisco — a sailing ship rocking with the tide, a stage coach awaiting its passengers. In the center panel is the artist's conception of the City of the Future. Fifty animated figures give the diorama life and reality. Changing light effects playing upon the richly colored  backgrounds of mountain and bay scenery add beauty and charm. to the picture. Beneath, to floor level, is a series of other exhibits presenting the advantages of electric utility service and the extant of  the companies vision.


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